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Located in the south-eastern part of Europe, Albania is a country surrounded by other states on its sides. This country is far away from the noise and pollution of city life and has diverse landscapes, rich history and tradition. It has beautiful inland lakes, natural lagoons, raging rivers, high peaks, sandy beaches and an amazing coastline. Albania is also home to unique archaeological attractions. If one wants to enjoy the pleasure of such fantastic scenic beauty, Albania is the place.

AlbaniaTop 5 breath taking places in Albania are:

1) The Fortress of Gjirokastra – Another name for this fortress is the “Silver Fortress”. Built during the 4th century, the fortress displays an exuberating view of the countryside.

2) The National Museum of Weapons and the Museum of Folk Culture – In the National Museum of Weapons one gets to see arms and weapons that existed in World War II, Neolithic era etc. In the Museum of Folk Culture artefacts like utensils, clothing etc are displayed, of the people of the past who lived there.

3) The Rozafa Castle – Among the well-known castles of Albania is The Rozafa Castle. This extraordinary castle was extant since Illyrian times, and in the past this was the place from where Rome was attacked. The castle has been named after the wife of one of the builders, who sacrificed her life to please god.

4) The Ionian Coasts – Tourists visiting the Ionian coasts can explore the aquatic world by diving or become a part of eco-tours or speedboat tours or relax in the beach. Some other well-known diving spots are – Cape of Lagji and Cape of Rodon. The Dhermi beach is rich in flora and fauna and also offers spellbinding views of corals or wrecked ships.

5) The White Spring – In between the Kunora Mountain and the Didha Mountain lies The White Spring. This spring is believed to contain curative properties for critical ailments of the stomach, kidney, thyroid glands, larynx, etc. This place also acts as a famous eco-tourist attraction.

Apart from the aforementioned places, some other excellent places to visit in Albania are:

– Ancient Port of Durres

– The independence meseum in Vlora

– The castle of Kanina

– Medieval Forest of Albanian Alps

– Bridge at Mesi

– Drisht Castle etc.

The climate in Albania

The climate of Albania is a moderate Mediterranean one. In summers the temperature can be as high as 40 degree centigrade whereas in winters it could range in between 8 – 10 degree centigrade. Spring is the best time to visit Albania as the variety of flora adds splendor to the trip. The long evenings of the spring is the best time to enjoy a sidewalk along terraces and cafes.

Albanian food is also awesome, whether it is Italian or Ottoman. The state has various types of joints to suit the needs of all. Apart from that, there exists a scintillating nightlife in Albania and all clubs and pubs remain open till late in the night.

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  1. Ive visited Albania a couple of times. Next time will be together with my future wife and we are thinking of visiting the west coast. Take the plane to Tirana and head towards Vlora, Himare, Dhermi etc. Thanks for your portal. It has been a great inspiration for us…

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