Albanian Tourism: An ongoing process

Albania, sealed off for decades, and only open to visitors for the last 20 years, is trying to promote itself as a tourist destination. But it is not well known, and is by no means a tourist hotspot, even if visitor numbers are climbing. “Albania is not yet on the radar, but with its stunning […]

Apartment block, Tirane, Albania

Why Albania can be great for photographers. Guest post from Tony Eveling (Follow on Google+) At the end of communism in Albania, there were many very grey, uniform communist era apartment blocks lining wide boulevard style roads in the capital of Tirane.  To brighten the city up a bit, it was decided to paint the […]

Albania’s chestnut, cheese and pasta workers – The Guardian

Photographer David Levene travelled to Dibra Albania during the chestnut harvest He wanted to see the work Oxfam is doing as the country develops. In the north-east region of Dibër, home to Mount Korab, some of Albanian’s poorest people make a living by producing cheese and pasta. The NGO is helping the co-operatives and empowering […]

Republic Day in the European country of Albania

Today is Republic Day in the European country of Albania. It first declared its independence in 1912, becoming a principality, republic, and kingdom until being invaded, during World War II, by Fascist Italy in 1939, and invaded again by Nazi Germany in 1943. In 1944, a socialist People’s Republic was established under the leadership of […]

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