Albania’s chestnut, cheese and pasta workers – The Guardian

Photographer David Levene travelled to Dibra Albania during the chestnut harvest He wanted to see the work Oxfam is doing as the country develops. In the north-east region of Dibër, home to Mount Korab, some of Albanian’s poorest people make a living by producing cheese and pasta. The NGO is helping the co-operatives and empowering […]

Great news for

We are very happy to announce that we are teaming up with Vlora’s greatest Facebook Fan Page to take our portal to the next level. V L O R A Fan Page Community is welling to help us with adding places and events from the city of Vlora. Øocal knowledge and tips is the best […]

Republic Day in the European country of Albania

Today is Republic Day in the European country of Albania. It first declared its independence in 1912, becoming a principality, republic, and kingdom until being invaded, during World War II, by Fascist Italy in 1939, and invaded again by Nazi Germany in 1943. In 1944, a socialist People’s Republic was established under the leadership of […]

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