Dave from davestravelcorner.com visiting Vlora, Albania

One of the greatest things about starting the “VisitVlora.com” project is the fact that we come in contact with awesome people all the time. I got to chat with through Internet with one of them who is a great person with an amazing travel experience. I couldn’t let go so I politely asked him for […]

Vlora – The home to the olive

David Levart, one of the greatest travel-journalists out there has honored the city of Vlora, Albania by visiting it in 2012. As every other traveler, he enjoyed his stay with out being noticed 🙂 As he points out, Vlora is truly the home to the olive. Its great that this fact it is being pointed […]

Apartment block, Tirane, Albania

Why Albania can be great for photographers. Guest post from Tony Eveling (Follow on Google+) At the end of communism in Albania, there were many very grey, uniform communist era apartment blocks lining wide boulevard style roads in the capital of Tirane.  To brighten the city up a bit, it was decided to paint the […]

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