Why was this site created?

VisitVlora.com was created because of passion about Vlora and to better promote the city to those who wishes to visit Vlora at some point.

Do you just add Hotels and Restaurants?

-Absolutely not. Attractions, Museums, Cool and hiden beaches, amazing events, public services  and generally everything that it is related to the city will be added by the community and Vlora-lovers.

Can I add my own local business? Does it costs anything?

-Yes you can. Its absolutely FREE to add and let visitors of Vlora find out more about your business or event. But do remember that its the visitors who will rate your place or event and write review about it, so better give great service 😉

Can I add Events related to my Place?

-Yes you can.

How do I add Places and Events?

-Simply by visiting Add a place or Add an event page.

Can I write both good and bad reviews?

-Thats the main point yes. We would love to tell the world which place to visit but also which one NOT to visit. Thats a very important part of putting some pressure on those businesses to raise the quality of what they have to offer

Do only locals add places and event?

-Are you mad? Of course not 🙂 Everyone who has to visited a place can also add it with a review ..

But hey. Whats in it for me? Why should I add places and events?

-Well you don’t need to, BUT if you want to participate in a greater purpose to better promote Vlora to the world, then it is worth using few minutes to add your favorite places. The more we are and the more we add … the more people will LOVE Vlora.








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