Albania emerges as Europe’s last undiscovered beach

Visiting Albania for the first time For decades, Albania this small country, on the western side of the Balkan Peninsula, surrounded, on one side by sea, and the other by Slavic dictatorships, was shut off completely to the outside world. In five to 10 years, luxury may be in the offing, but along with it, […]

Albania – an interesting place

Visit Albania for your holidays Located in the south-eastern part of Europe, Albania is a country surrounded by other states on its sides. This country is far away from the noise and pollution of city life and has diverse landscapes, rich history and tradition. It has beautiful inland lakes, natural lagoons, raging rivers, high peaks, […]

About time to visit Albania in 2013

Isolated for decades under a dictatorship that was harsh even by Communist standards, Albania opened up in the 1990s and has since been hustling to catch up to the rest of Europe. On a recent visit, many locals complained that their country might be catching up too fast. For travelers that’s all the more reason […]

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