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Albanian Riviera as the best fall destination

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Vlora the perl of the Albanian Riviera

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The Albanian Riviera stretches between Vlora and Saranda in the south-west Albania.

This is one of the most beautiful coasts in the whole Ionian Sea and most probably one of the finest ones in Europe. The coast is still virgin and not so very built up out side the city centers, which is mainly thanks to country’s previous communism regime.

This fact alone makes it a perfect vacation destination for those who like to experience a little bit of something different than tourist crowded beaches. Despite the fact of being untouched from the tourist waves the Albanian Riviera has still a lot to provide for different type of tourists. Those interested in archaeology will find the visit to ancient city of Butrint really rewarding. Butrinti richly deserves its status as the country’s best known archaeological site, but there are many other interesting ancient remains in those areas.

Those who love spending their time outdoors should be pleased in any part of the Riviera. Apart from obvious sea related activities, the mountains of Riviera also offer fantastic hiking or cycling opportunities.


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