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Visit Vlora by ferry boat from Italy

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If you have been wondering about how do you reach the city of Vlora then this picture is one of the three answers 🙂

You can take the ferry boat from Italy over to Vlora. It is easy, quite cheap and affordable to every pocket!  So if you live in Italy ir passing by Italy then this is the way to cross the water-biarders. Do not expect any luxurious conditions in this boat and basically you get what you pay for.

Hopefully there will be some investments soon and new modern ferry boats will show up at the port of Vlora. This is much wanted from both locals and tourists!

The other two ways to reach Vlora is by plane and land at the Mother Teresa airport of Tirana.

The last way to reach the city is through Greece. You can either take a bus ftom Athens to Vlora for only 30€ or the boat from Corfu to Saranda, then a bus or taxi to Vlora.

It basically depends on where you are flying/travelling from.

Do share with us your experience or ask any questions so we can help you out 🙂

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