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Kayaking around Karaburun, Vlora Albania

By at January 3, 2013 | 01:05 | 0 Comment

For several years sailing the Karaburun peninsula with the kayak, was in the personal list of things “to do”. My father had tried to leave only two times, but could not go very far because once approached to Gjuza Cape the troubled sea and wind forced him to abandon the enterprise. After over two hours of tedious aggressive dig, I fortunately benefited a surprise “walk” to Pashaliman, that was generously offered by a Navy patrol military, whose Effective was exploding mines, exactly on the beach where I predicted the landing, near the bay of St. Jan. The same thing happened to me during the first attempt – when a sudden wind changed in less than half an hour the calm sea by merely hardly be navigable waters. Slow waves and strong wind sailing to prevent whenever raises to rowing oar, by the changing direction.


Karaburun Vlora

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