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Albania emerges as Europe’s last undiscovered beach

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Visiting Albania for the first time


by Amy Guttman

For decades, Albania this small country, on the western side of the Balkan Peninsula, surrounded, on one side by sea, and the other by Slavic dictatorships, was shut off completely to the outside world.

In five to 10 years, luxury may be in the offing, but along with it, will come the hoards of people.  Go now, before everyone else does.

For the intrepid traveler who prefers beating a new path rather than following one, Albania offers some of Europe’s last undiscovered beaches, as well as surprising culinary appeal.

We begin with a lunch of fresh oysters from the Ionian Sea, washed down with white wine from Albanian’s biggest vineyard, Cobo.   (more…)

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Albanian Riviera as the best fall destination

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Albania – an interesting place

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Visit Albania for your holidays

Located in the south-eastern part of Europe, Albania is a country surrounded by other states on its sides. This country is far away from the noise and pollution of city life and has diverse landscapes, rich history and tradition. It has beautiful inland lakes, natural lagoons, raging rivers, high peaks, sandy beaches and an amazing coastline. Albania is also home to unique archaeological attractions. If one wants to enjoy the pleasure of such fantastic scenic beauty, Albania is the place.


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Apartment block, Tirane, Albania

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Building in Tirana, Albania

Why Albania can be great for photographers.

Guest post from Tony Eveling (Follow on Google+)

At the end of communism in Albania, there were many very grey, uniform communist era apartment blocks lining wide boulevard style roads in the capital of Tirane.  To brighten the city up a bit, it was decided to paint the apartment blocks bright colours….the opposite of the greyness that engulfed the city before..

This building is a more subtle lime green with a checkerboard effect…but others are bright orange or purple, some are stripy and some are painted with bright patterns….

This is just a point and shoot jobby whilst walking around town…When someone sticks their head out the window…that’s always a photo opportunity!





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