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Vlora Albania, the best city to visit

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Vlora Albania, the best city to visit

Enjoy this great video with some of the greatest beaches in Vlora Albania.


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A New Yorker visiting Vlora

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Here at we love the fact that by running this portal we come in contact with so many awesome people from all over the world. All of them has a different background, representing different cultures and have a different story to tell. One thing is for sure, they all LOVE TRAVELING.

Today our guest is from New York and has visited Vlora this summer. Let me introduce you to Brian Malone … a New Yorker who visited Vlora.

Where are you from and what’s your name? What’s your story?

Im am Brian, from New York. I work in Finance, this was my first trip to Vlora in Albania.

How did you get the idea of visiting Vlora, Albania? And what did you hear/read about Vlora that made you want to visit our city?

My wife was born in Vlora and this was a trip to see where her family came from.


How did you travel to Albania and Vlora? Was it easy, any difficulties? What’s the best route and the most economical one for visitors from your home country?

We flew on Luftansa, then took a private car from Tirana to Vlora.


Was is easy to get the information you were looking for before your arrival and after your arrival?

For me it was very easy, as I stated earlier I was with my wife and she is very familiar with the city.


How about the communication with people during your arrival and stay?

Most people I came in contact with spoke some English as well I was working on my Albanian.


At which are and hotel did you stay in Vlora? What made you choose that hotel?

We stayed at The Hotel Vlora International, we chose it for its central location and its rating, we also stayed at the Royal Blue Hotel in Dhermi.


Which attractions did you visit and you would like to suggest them to other visitors?

Dhermi. If you have a look at this photo you will understand exactly why.

Dhermi Vlora

Dhermi in Vlora. Brians favorite place


How was the level of food served in Vlora? Any Restaurants you liked more than the others?

Service was good, I recommend Restorant Ideal and Speranza both were excellent.

What didn’t you like in Vlora?

I cant think of a bad thing about the city.


What’s your general impression of Vlora? Did you see the industrialization of tourism affect the country? How did you like it and what made you the biggest impression?

I see it helping the overall economy and the city will benefit in the next 5 to 10 years.

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Vlora the perl of the Albanian Riviera

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amazing vlora albania

The Albanian Riviera stretches between Vlora and Saranda in the south-west Albania.

This is one of the most beautiful coasts in the whole Ionian Sea and most probably one of the finest ones in Europe. The coast is still virgin and not so very built up out side the city centers, which is mainly thanks to country’s previous communism regime.

This fact alone makes it a perfect vacation destination for those who like to experience a little bit of something different than tourist crowded beaches. Despite the fact of being untouched from the tourist waves the Albanian Riviera has still a lot to provide for different type of tourists. Those interested in archaeology will find the visit to ancient city of Butrint really rewarding. Butrinti richly deserves its status as the country’s best known archaeological site, but there are many other interesting ancient remains in those areas.

Those who love spending their time outdoors should be pleased in any part of the Riviera. Apart from obvious sea related activities, the mountains of Riviera also offer fantastic hiking or cycling opportunities.


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Vlore Albania (video) – The best city to visit

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English :
We got this video from one of our Facebook followers. She has created this beautiful video with photos from Vlora, Albania.

Faleminderit Greta per videon…Nje video me foto nga Vlora qe na dergoi nje adhuruese e faqes tone 🙂

Enjoy – Shperndaheni edhe ju nese ju pelqen 🙂




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