Vlora – The home to the olive

Photo by: David Thompson
Photo by: David Levart

David Levart, one of the greatest travel-journalists out there has honored the city of Vlora, Albania by visiting it in 2012. As every other traveler, he enjoyed his stay with out being noticed πŸ™‚

As he points out, Vlora is truly the home to the olive. Its great that this fact it is being pointed out actually by one of our visitors, as we local tend to forget some times the true value of our nature and surroundings.

This is the role of visitvlora.com … we will try our best to point out the great values of Vlora and its surrounding villages as a touristic destination.

*We will try to come in contact with Dave and ask him to share with us his experience in Vlora.


This is Dave’s post

Since I am writing this from next to the beach in Vlore, Albania – truly the home to the olive – I thought it would be fitting to write about this historic tree. With some estimated 280,000 olive trees in Vlore, this city is really surrounded by the trees. The olive is native to the coastal regions of the Mediterranean such as this area – we are only some 70 odd kilometers as the seagull flies from the Italian shoreline – a country also home to numerous olive orchards.

Cases of olive trees living 2000 years have been recorded – it can transplant quite well even when its decades old. Ruins in the hills above this part of the Adriatic are full of olive trees – often looking much healthier than the decaying ruins alongside.

I took the following photos high in the Albanian hills above the historically very important port town of Orikum. There was no one else here – the road perhaps plays a prominent role in discouraging visitors. Its extremely rocky and very rough at times. Not an easy drive!


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