Maja e Cikes – Mali i Cikes (video)

Maja e Cikes

Maja e Çikës is the highest peak of Mountain Cika and it is standing 2045m above sea level. This mountain is situated on the Ionian Sea side of Vlora County and therefore it is almost rising from point 0m above sea level. What you will experience by hiking those mountains is an astonishing view over the Ionian sea, where you will see both the islands of the northern part of the Ionian sea but also Italy’s coast. Those mountains has been visited by very few and mostly local shepherds, which you most probably will meet on your way.

On the foot of the western side of this mountain you have some of Europes most beautiful beaches, Himarë, Palasa, Dhermi and Jala. Those amazing beaches attract most of the visitors from all over Albania during the summer time.

Maja e Cikes
Maja e Cikes

Have a look at this great video of ‘Maja e Cikes’.

This video has been shot at the same spot as the photo above.



Maja e Cikes
Maja e Cikes



Valje e Bufet meadow



Do you like mountain hiking? Would you consider visiting and hiking in this are?

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