Lungomare Vlora Waterfront

Lungomare – Vlora Waterfront International Competition

The city of Vlora and the Albanian government hosted the Lungomare Vlora Waterfront International competition on 21st of February. Five international team applicants were invited to give their final presentation in front of the jury at the Petro Marke Theater.

The Lungomare Vlora Waterfront Promenade is envisioned as a vibrant pedestrian zone and a major recreational area facing some of the new inhabited parts of the city, but in itself represents the oldest touristic attraction of the city.Through this open call, Atelier Albania, is aiming to reach out architects, landscape architects, urban planners and designers, students and artists. This professional capacity will generate visionary and original concepts for the Lungomare Vlora Waterfront Promenade, jump-starting a process that aspires the transformation of an entire waterfront pedestrian experience.

Through this urban design, ideas and intervention competition, Atelier Albania is hoping to establish a model of design and intervention that can be applied contextually, developing at a further stage to other urban sites along the Albanian coast, assuring a frame for a spatially rich and varied scheme that will enhance the Ionian and Adriatic waterfront conditions, recognizing its total spatial context.

A well-integrated mosaic of a new landscape, additional outdoor lightweight structures, artistic oeuvres and lighting will support the ideas of this prominent waterfront promenade to achieve its touristic potential, as a vital and stimulating outdoor location, turning it into a favorite refuge for residents of all ages and a destination for tourists and visitors from all over the world.

The international teams participating were:

DOGMA, Martino Tattara, Pier Vittorio Aureli
HHF, Simon Hartmann
L’AUC Paris, Djamel Klouche
MBAS, Matthias Bauer
XDGA, Xaveer de Geyter


The winner of this competition has now been announced and it is the Belgian of XDGA, Xaveer de Geyter. Here are two examples of the project they presented.

XDGA, Xaveer de Geyter-2
XDGA, Xaveer de Geyter


XDGA, Xaveer de Geyter-1
XDGA, Xaveer de Geyter


Lungomare Vlore - Porti
Lungomare Vlore – Porti


Lungomare Vlore - Skele
Lungomare Vlore – Skele

We are looking forward to experience the new Lungomare Waterfront of Vlora.




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  1. Amazing plan, if this get implemented in Vlora. Wish you all the best. Greetings from NYC.

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